Kauai Vacation

Our favorite activities, places, and food from our Feb 2019 trip to the island of Kauai in Hawaii

Abagail and I recently got back from a vacation to the island of Kauai in Hawaii. We stayed for a week and had a nice time. It was a bit of an expensive trip, but we both feel like it was worth it. We’re physically and mentally refreshed, especially after not going on any major trips in 2018. The sunshine didn’t hurt either (except for my left knee where I forgot to put sunscreen on). šŸŒž

We stayed on the east side of the island in the town of Kapaa. Kauai is a pretty small island. We rented a car to zip around and explore, which worked out well. While neither of us are what I’d describe as beach people, we still appreciated the beauty of the island and ocean. Here’s our favorite stuff we got up to.

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A Look at the Comics and Illustrations from “Intentional Finance”

A handful of early illustrations and comic strips from the personal finance zine I’ve been making

I’ve been focused on making my zine Intentional Finance. It’s been an enjoyable project to work on and a fun change of pace from fiction comic creating. I recently finished laying out all of the text, so I’ve been drawing a bunch of comics and illustrations to go supplement the writing.

Here are some of my favorites so far.

Wolfie makes a bunch of appearances throughout the zine
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Watercolor Ship Paintings

A few paintings I made in Fall 2018

When I was really into drawing spaceships last year, I took some time to paint with watercolor a bit. It’s challenging but a lot of fun. The resulting texture is interesting, and it’s fun mixing colors.

Babylon flying over a planet
Mesa from Lost Ship surrounded by space debris

I definitely intend to do more with watercolor in the future.

Introducing ā€œIntentional Financeā€

Information about my next project, a zine about personal finance

A big interest of mine is personal finance. It’s something I started learning about in earnest six years ago and started really diving into over the past two years. I find it really fun and empowering to learn, think, and talk about finance. So I’ve been working on a zine called Intentional Finance. It’s a simple guide to improving one’s relationship with money.

Financial Wizard

It is a bit of a departure from the sci-fi and fantasy comics work I’ve been focused on in recent years, but I’m quite excited about it. The premise is simple:

What if a book about personal finance was an art project?

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Best of 50 Ships Drawing Challenge

Looking back at some of my favorite designs

I was in a creative rut in August 2018. My confidence was low after abandoning a project that didn’t work out. I kept doodling, but I didn’t have the burning passion I normally do. I was reading the sci-fi novel Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie during a trip to visit family and absolutely loving it. So I started doodling spaceships in my sketchbook. It was like something unlocked, and I was back to my old creative self.

The doodling of those initial spaceships led me to try to draw 100 ships throughout the month of September. I ended up only drawing 50 because I then did Inktober in October. While I didn’t make it to 100 ships, it was still a success in my mind because it was fun and sparked creativity.

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Lost Ship Retrospective

Reflecting on how the project went, tools I used, and what’s coming next

Last week I wrapped up LostĀ Ship, a sci-fi comic I had been working on since September 2018. It’s my third finished comic, and I leveled up quite a bit while working on it.

I have been reflecting on the project and how it went as I figure out what’s next. Here’s a look at the making of LostĀ Ship.

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