Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running

Everything I wish I knew when I started trail running

Trail running is one of my absolute favorite hobbies because it gets me out moving my body and immersed in nature. It’s different than road running in many ways, even though the core of it is the same. Trail running is dynamic and challenging, which makes it more rewarding to me. The more I’ve gotten into trail running, the more I’ve come to enjoy it.

Here are the things I wish I knew when I started!

Video I made while out on a trail run where I share my thoughts on how to get started trail running
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Vivobarefoot Primus Trial II All Weather FG Shoes Early Impressions

Thoughts on wearing minimal, barefoot shoes for the first time for a week while trail running

Run vlog video I made centered around the shoes

I got some new trail running shoes! They’re barefoot shoes, which means they’re minimal, flexible, have a wide toebox, and zero-drop (flat). I finished reading Born to Run recently and wanted to give something more “natural” a try.

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