Inktober 2018

My art and thoughts from my second time participating in the month-long challenge

Hooray, I just finished the Inktober challenge this year. I drew a different illustration each day in ink based on the prompts provided by the challenge. I also made each illustration space themed since I’ve been working on a sci-fi comic.

Last year I didn’t follow the prompts which made it difficult to figure out what to illustration. I’m glad I stuck with ’em this year.

Here are some of my favorite illustrations from the challenge:

Inktober 2018 - Day 02 Tranquil
Day 02 – Tranquil
Inktober 2018 - Day 03 Roasted
Day 03 – Roasted
Inktober 2018 - Day 08 Star
Day 08 – Star
Inktober 2018 - Day 09 Precious
Day 09 – Precious
Inktober 2018 - Day 14 Clock
Day 14 – Clock
Inktober 2018 - Day 15 Weak
Day 15 – Weak
Inktober 2018 - Day 19 Scorched
Day 19 – Scorched
Inktober 2018 - Day 26 Stretch
Day 26 – Stretch
Inktober 2018 - Day 29 Double
Day 30 – Double
Inktober 2018 - Day 31 Slice
Day 31 – Slice

Finally, here are the prompts:

Inktober 2018 Prompt List
The official Inktober 2018 prompts

I had a blast adapting each prompt. Inktober was a fun way to start each day. Participating in Inktober again builds my confidence because I can pretty clearly see how I’ve grown as an artist since last year. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I’m getting better and truly enjoying it.

I put all of the illustrations together into a PDF if you want to check them all out.


A four-page sci-fi micro-comic

I made this little comic called NINA over the last few weeks as a way to get back into drawing page-sized comics traditionally and experiment with some new tools. It’s inspired by Blade Runner and Tsutomu Nihei’s Blame!. It was drawn on 9″ x 12″ bristol with technical pens. I added tone in Clip Studio Paint. I hope you enjoy it.


Stalker Review

A review of Andrei Tarkovsky’s restored 1979 slow sci-fi film Stalker.

Stalker is unlike any film I’ve ever seen. It’s what I think of as pure cinema. It’s a difficult film, but one worth watching.

The premise is that something fell to Earth and the area of impact became off limits to civilians. This area is known as the Zone. Only Stalkers can navigate the Zone. Inside of the Zone is a place called the Room, which grants a person their true desire. There is, naturally, a downside to this, but I’ll leave that to you to discover.

Bordering on sci-fi and surrealism, Stalker is a nearly 3-hour art film. It is referred to as a classic, but don’t think of it as a classic sci-fi film like Star Wars or 2001. Stalker is in a league of its own. It doesn’t deal with space, robots, or aliens. It deals with abstractions and humans, two things we are much more familiar with than what most sci-fi covers.

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