An Introduction to Waves

My goals and approach for my new limited webcomic project.

I started a new webcomic project called Waves. It’s a weekly comic about nothing in particular, with a focus on humor and personal observations. I had the idea for the project in December 2016, but I decided to shelf it to focus on writing. I’ve since shifted my focus to illustration and comics, so I’ve decided to return to the project in earnest.

Twitter in a Nutshell - Brett Chalupa - 2016-12-28
The first Waves comic–Twitter in a Nutshell. I originally drew it in early 2016.

I don’t want Waves to be a forever project like quite a lot of webcomics, so I’m doing a limited run of 20 or so strips. That way if I feel like it’s time to end it, it can end. But if I want to return to it, I can do another limited series. My main aim is to create graphic novels, so having a webcomic to maintain on top of that every week is too much at this time.

Last Name - Thumbnail

The first few strips I drew digitally, but I didn’t love the way they were turning out visually. I’ve since decided to draw Waves and my other comic projects in analog (ink, paper, markers, etc.). I’m happier with the results, and it is more fun for me than spending more time on the computer than I already do.

My main goal with Waves is to make people laugh, even if they just get a little kick out of each comic. I’m still settling into my artistic style and the process of making comics, so another goal with Waves is to learn and grow as a comic artist. As my friend Zach told me, there’s something important to putting out the comic on a schedule every week. I decided to post new Waves on Friday mornings, and it has been going well so far.

I’ve been posting each new comic here on my journal, and I’ll continue to post them here. You can also read it on the Waves website or Tapas.

Author: Brett Chalupa

day: software developer, night: adventurer, video maker, writer

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