Roderick on the Line Listening Guide

Where to start and what to know when diving into Merlin Mann and John Roderick’s weekly podcast.

To celebrate the release of the 250th episode of Roderick on the Line, I put together a listening guide for those who are new to the show. If you’re already a fan, who knows, maybe you’ll rediscover some of the great episodes.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Twin Peaks

An exploration into what makes Twin Peaks so great, and what folks new to the show need to know—entirely spoiler-free.

I unabashedly love Twin Peaks. It’s my favorite television series, and it occupies a good chunk of my mental energy. I’ve been thinking a lot about why it’s so special. While doing so, I thought it would be a fun idea to create this: a spoiler-free beginner’s guide to Twin Peaks.

If you’ve never watched the show and are interested in what all of the hubbub is about, this is for you. Heck, if you’re already a fan, then you may enjoy this too.

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