What I Enjoyed, September 2017

September saw a pretty big shift for me from focusing on film to graphic novels. I’m still interested in film, but creating stories through comics feels a lot more attainable on a daily basis than making films with a cast and crew beyond just myself. I’m going to write more about this shift in the near future. With that shift came a bit less time watching film and a lot more time drawing.

Here’s what I enjoyed last month.

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Waves Comic: Podcasts

Waves - Podcasts - Large.png

This week’s comic is a sincere one about why podcasts are so special to me. I bawled making this comic. Don’t forget to thank your favorite podcasters. (Also, the references are from my two favorite podcasts: Roderick on the Line and Do By Friday).

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An Introduction to Waves

My goals and approach for my new limited webcomic project.

I started a new webcomic project called Waves. It’s a weekly comic about nothing in particular, with a focus on humor and personal observations. I had the idea for the project in December 2016, but I decided to shelf it to focus on writing. I’ve since shifted my focus to illustration and comics, so I’ve decided to return to the project in earnest.

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