What I Enjoyed, November 2017

November was one heck of a month. I got married and will be starting a new job in December. I managed to continue to draw every day, and I’ve still really been enjoying it.

After taking some time to think about it, I’ve decided that this will be the last What I Enjoyed post. It puts a strange amount of pressure on me to write one larger blog post at the end of the month instead spreading it out throughout the month. In the future, I’ll do individual posts for things I’ve enjoyed.

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R.I.P. Harry Dean Stanton

Paris Texas - Harry Dean Stanton

I saw the news that Harry Dean Stanton (HDS) passed away two days ago. I never know what to say, if anything, when a public figure passes away. Usually nothing. It’s sad, of course. But something struck me in my core when I read that HDS passed because he always brought something special to films that I’ve seen him in.

I’m most familiar with HDS from his appearances in David Lynch’s films. The lovably angry owner of the Fat Trout Trailer Park in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and Season 3, the assistant duping people for cash in Inland Empire, the blindly in love boyfriend of Lula’s mother in Wild at Heart, and the surprise reveal of being Alvin Straight’s brother in The Straight Story.

It’s time to finally watch Paris, Texas. Rest in peace, Harry Dean Stanton.

What I Enjoyed, August 2017

My foray into foreign cinema continues with films by Godard, Wai, Bergman, and more.

August was a nice month. I got some work done, traveled to Maine for my brother’s wedding, and watched a lot of wonderful films from new-to-me directors.

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One of My Favorite Videos: David Lynch on Where Great Ideas Come From

You don’t make the fish, you catch the fish.

This video by The Atlantic is one that I seriously rewatch every month. It inspires me deeply. The way that David Lynch describes creativity as a type of fishing really resonates with me.