Lost Ship Concept Art

A look at the ship, character, and emblem designs

I’ve been working on Lost Ship for the last few months, and it’s nearly complete (woohoo!). It’s a sci-fi comic about a small crew that explores the unknown parts of the universe.

All that’s left to do is print the project and release it out into the world. Before that happens, I thought it’d be cool to share a bunch of concept art from the pre-production phases of the project.

At the time I started the project, I was really into drawing different ship designs, which is what led to the initial idea for the comic.

The final designs varied a little bit from those initial ships above.

Exterior and interior designs for the Babylon and Mesa
Unused ship designs
Bridge and hallway designs for the Babylon

Once the ship designs were set, I started to design the emblems of the organizations in the story. There are two main ones: the United Space Federation (U.S.F.), which is a governing body made up of the nations of Earth and the space colonies. The second organization is the Space Exploration Force (S.E.F.), which is a subsidiary of the U.S.F. that goes out into the unknown. But the Space Exploration Force is underfunded and on its last leg, with the scrappy crew of the Babylon being all that remains.

Emblem sketches

Finally, the character designs. Lost Ship has a primary cast of five characters, so I wanted to make sure each person is as distinct as possible so they’d be easily recognizable.

I wanted the uniform designs to be simple and clean. While there are no spacesuits in the comic, I did explore what they might look like too.

Harlow, the Babylon’s captain, had the most design iterations.

Initial Harlow sketches with color
Some more sketches with a slightly refined design

I introduced the cape to try to make Harlow’s uniform more visually distinct from the other crew members.

The rest of the crew didn’t get nearly as many design iterations as Harlow. Harlow is the one drawn in the most panels, so I wanted to get their look as right as possible.

Some more sketches and exploration of what the various characters could look like
Color palette experiments for Tessa using markers

Here is the character sheet I used as reference while drawing the comic. Even though the comic is grayscale, it’s fun to use color in the concept art to get a better sense of the characters and world.

From top-left to bottom-right: Axel (pilot), Harlow (captain), Tomas (security), Tessa (navigator), Mia (doctor)

There you have it! A bunch of the concept art from Lost Ship from the planning phases of the project. Even though the comic is pretty short at 26-pages, it helped me a bunch to explore and develop the characters and setting.

Thanks for checking out the concept art, and I’m looking forward to sharing more from Lost Ship as I wrap it up.

Author: Brett Chalupa

day: software developer, night: adventurer, video maker, writer

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