Lunar Space Colony Launch Date and Preview

How I’m going to publish the project and a sneak peek at the first episode.

I’ve been steadily working away at my next project, Lunar Space Colony. It’s a slice-of-life sci-fi story about a woman named Bri who leaves Earth to work on the colony. It’s a longer story that I’m going to serialize weekly online. My plan is to launch the first few episodes on July 3rd and then release a new episode every Tuesday after.

So far, so good. I’m learning a lot and truly enjoying working on the project. There are quite a few big changes with Lunar Space Colony from past comic projects:

  • I’m drawing it entirely digitally. It has some speed and ergonomic benefits that are important to me.
  • The comic will be in color. This is totally new to me, and I’ve got a ton to learn still. I hope I can do a good enough job with the colors, as it’s the aspect I’m most nervous about right now.
  • I’ve abandoned the idea of the page for this project and am designing the episodes around vertical scrolling. I don’t have any intention of publishing the project in print, so I want it to have the best reading experience digitally. This means that each episode has more content than a page but less than a chapter. It’s a nice little middle ground.

I’m trying to build up a buffer of episodes that if I get sick or am traveling that I won’t miss a week. I think I should be able to stay a few episodes ahead based on my current pace.

Here’s the first part of the first episode:

Lunar Space Colony - e01 p01.jpg


Thanks for following along, and I can’t wait to start sharing the new episodes weekly!

Author: Brett Chalupa

day: software developer, night: adventurer, video maker, writer

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