Podcast Spotlight: Process Party

A few thoughts on my favorite podcast about making comics.

I enjoy listening to podcasts, so I’m starting a new feature called Podcast Spotlight where I’ll be sharing my favorite podcasts.

Process Party is a podcast hosted by two comic creators, Zach Soto and Mike Dawson, about making comics. Each episode typically starts with Zach and Mike talking about what they’ve been working on (the jibba-jabba segment) and then they interview a comic creator. There have been over 70 episodes as of writing this, with new episodes releasing weekly.

Zach and Mike have a good sense of humor while also being thoughtful interviewers. They also take the art form of comics seriously without being pretentious. The interviews are a nice length, usually under an hour. I enjoy hearing about what the interviewees are working on, as well as how they work. I learn a little something new in each episode.

I would have to imagine a big part of why I like Process Party so much is because my tastes align with the guests and hosts. It’s a lot of alternative and indie comics, and not so much of the mainstream variety.

Here are a few of my favorite episodes that I’ve listened to thus far:

  • Episode 56 – Sarah Horrocks — Sarah Horrocks has quickly become one of my favorite comic creators, and her interview with Zach and Mike about her work and influences has been my favorite episode yet.
  • Episode 68 – Listener Questions — A grab bag of a bunch of questions, and a healthy amount of jibba-jabba.
  • Episode 57 – Short Run 2017! — Zach goes to Short Run up in Seattle and interviews a handful of different artists at the show. Fun questions and just a good energy.
  • Episode 63 – Best of 2017 — A bunch of shorter interviews on each creator’s favorite book from 2017. So many comics were not on my radar last year, so it was great to get so many recommendations.

If you listen to a few episodes and dig it, they’ve got a Patreon with Real Talk episodes where they continue the interview with each artist, as well as an extended jibba-jabba podcast where the hosts talk about what they’ve been enjoying in the world of pop culture.

Give Process Party a listen if you’re interested in how comics are made or want to hear from your favorite creators or discover some new folks. It’s quickly become one of my favorite podcasts, and I can’t wait to listen to more episodes.

Author: Brett Chalupa

day: software developer, night: adventurer, video maker, writer

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