Moving This Party to WordPress

Why I moved my journal from Jekyll to Wordpress.

I decided to give my journal a little refresh by migrating it from my main website, which is built in Jekyll, to WordPress. It feels a bit like returning home, as I initially started blogging on WordPress over 10 years ago when I was in high school. WordPress is still just as pleasant to use now as it was then.

Jekyll felt a bit limiting in that it doesn’t have search, there are aren’t built in category and tag pages, and there isn’t a simple way to author posts from my phone and iPad. Plus WordPress has built in comments, which is nice. (Disqus’s ads are offputting to me.)

My main website will essentially just be a directory of my completed projects, as well as an archive of what I’ve written there over the years. This new journal should make it easier to write posts, which should lead to new posts more often.

Author: Brett Chalupa

day: software developer, night: adventurer, video maker, writer

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