Funeral Parade of Roses Review

A review of the 4K restoration of Toshio Matsumoto’s masterpiece.

Funeral Parade of Roses is an experimental film that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It tells the tragic tale of Oedipus Rex, but with a twist (I’ll leave that to you to discover).

The movie is funny and touching and difficult and on a level of its own. It portrays trans characters in a way that feels ahead of its time for a film made in 1969. They’re all beautiful and multidimensional characters—they’re humans, not stereotypes. It’s a special thing to see, and I think it’s handled very well. I’m looking forward to reading other takes on it too in order to learn more.

Black and white serves this film well. It gives it a dreamy, surreal feel that fits the atmosphere. 

What I love about this film is the way it approaches its humor. It’s clever, self-aware, and strange. And it’s edited in a way that is all over the place. It does have a darker side, which is what brings the whole picture together.

There wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t enthralled by what I was watching. If you ever get a chance to see Funeral Parade of Roses, go for it. It’s a special film.

The Bottom Line: Funeral Parade of Roses is the best film I’d never heard of before seeing it.

5/5 Stars

Author: Brett Chalupa

day: software developer, night: adventurer, video maker, writer

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